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A Smarter Approach To Financial Consulting

Hinken Financial Group offers financial consulting to those saving for retirement as well as younger individuals near Northbrook, Illinois. We help our clients to see that retirement is not about the accumulation of money, but about the distribution of money or income from assets. Let us meet with you and assist with your goals for retirement.

Versatile Financial Services

Most people believe that with Social Security and assets, they will have a safe retirement – this is not always the case. We give you a customized retirement plan showing you what maximized Social Security and efficient distribution of your assets looks like.

If you don't have a plan, you may spend your early days of retirement spending too much or not enough money. This could cause you to run out of funds unexpectedly. By giving you a plan, you are able to live the lifestyle you want with guaranteed longevity of your assets. Best of all, our planning service is free.

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